Start-Up Acceleration for Start-Ups

Social Innovations & Smart Mobility


We not only invest money, we work closely with founders to realize their visions and set their company on the path to success. Our advice and network can help make strategic decisions, establish the right contacts and identify growth opportunities. Our mission is to increase startups‘ chances of success by not only providing funding, but also acting as a trusted partner and mentor that contributes to the long-term development and expansion of the business. 

We support companies with their innovative solutions that not only improve the quality of life, but also revolutionise the way people get around. The focus of the ideas should be on addressing social challenges like food, work and living or making mobility more sustainable.

Comprehensive services

strategic corporate development

Planning and implementing long-term business strategies to increase a company’s performance and competitiveness.


You benefit from our large network of experts that has been built up over many years.

mediation to investors

Detailed elaboration and illustration of a business plan in order to create a basis to work with.

Mentoring & Coaching

We share our wealth of experience to provide you with extensive support.

Market analysis & sales strategy

Comprehensive assessment of market potential and the planning of sales strategies to achieve targets.

software development

We code, test, and maintain computer programs and applications to meet specific functionality or business requirements.

networks that work

our network is your asset

Network is the key to your success. With a broad and high-quality network of experts, partners and customers, we open up new markets and growth opportunities for our customers. Our years of experience and commitment to excellent connections allow you to benefit from world-class resources and insights. Whether you’re looking for business partners, innovative ideas or support, we are here to help. We understand the importance of relationships and have built a network that works for you.