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Since more then 10 years, we as IDEASPeople, have been supporting our customers not only in the operational business of the automotive industry, but also in promoting startups and companies with innovative ideas for the future. Our participative approach enables us to work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions and realize their visions.

We value and love global collaboration. Our experience and network extend across international borders, enabling us to operate effectively in a globalized world. This is reflected in our work as we successfully collaborate with a wide range of customers and partners around the world.

Our deep integration into automotive product and process development, as well as our commitment to innovation and collaboration, make us a reliable partner for our customers.

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Network is the key to your success. With a broad and high-quality network of experts, partners and customers, we open up new markets and growth opportunities for our customers. Our years of experience and commitment to excellent connections allow you to benefit from world-class resources and insights. Whether you’re looking for business partners, innovative ideas or support, we are here to help. We understand the importance of relationships and have built a network that works for you.